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iPhone 6S Plus Repair in Lethbridge & Cochrane, Alberta

Did you break your iPhone 6S PLUS?!? Ideal iRepair is your source for iPhone 6S Plus repair in Lethbridge & Cochrane. Our friendly staff can assist you and take care of your broken iPhone 6S Plus, with most repairs taking under 30 Minutes! Screen Repairs can be done in as little at 15-20 Minutes. 

Be sure to read about our 90 day warranty that accompanies our iPhone repairs. Let Ideal iRepair make your iPhone 6S Plus repair cheap, pain-free and fast! 

Your iPhone comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Apple. This factory warranty covers things such as: faulty power buttons, home buttons, volume buttons, speakers, charging ports and batteries. That warranty DOES NOT cover any physical damage that happens to your phone, including cracked glass. If you have ANY obvious physical damage to your phone, your factory warranty will not be honored by Apple.

iPhone 6S Plus Repairs Include

• Screen Replacement - $170
• Power/Volume/Mute Buttons - $50
• Speaker - $50
• Front Camera - $50
• Back Camera - $75

• Headphone Jack - $50
• Home Button (Your Touch ID Will NOT Work After Repair) - $50
• Lightning Charge Port - $50
• Battery - $50
• Loudspeaker - $50
• Ear Speaker - $50

All other repairs = Call us for Details

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